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Door/Window Schedules

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I have not used door/window schedules before but am working on a project and need to supply the information to the contractor. I want to show in the schedule the door and window sizes respectfully, but also want to indicate the rough opening size for construction. I cannot seem to adjust the rough opening size in the door schedule correctly to correspond to the manufacturers specification. When I go into the schedule I go to RO Width and put in the appropriate value/ Same as RO Height. Check green , recalculate. It just defaults to the scheduled door size? What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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This may not work because you don't have Architect, but the standard door and window schedules that Architect users can access from the Tools menu, Report/Create Schedules/VA Window Schedule produces a schedule with this information in it. Actually it produces a schedule with everything in it from the door PIO, which is normally way too much.

I don't know if you can access this from Designer, or something like it.

If not you should be able to create a worksheet schedule that includes those items. Don't try to adjust the schedule; input the desired gap in the PIO dialog box. Perhaps this is not as quick as working from the schedule however.

As an architect, I don't generally include RO information anymore. A good contractor will know what the RO should be from the given size of a window, no?

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Thank you very much for your input and advice re RO. I think that it is best not to show an incorrect dimension or value. The default info shows the nominal dimension and the RO to be the same. Thank you for your input and assistance. Good comment about having the contractor build according to the nominal dimension. Thanks!

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alfresco - not sure if this is the problem you are having.
There are styled and unstyled door and window objects.   If you are using unstyled doors you should be able change everything from the worksheet.   If you are using styled doors every parameter of the door object can be set to "by style" or "by instance".  Parameters that are set to by instance can be changed in the worksheet.  Parameters that are set to by style can only be changed by editing the Plug in Object.


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