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I should probably know this but I normally just use Top/Plan View (Ctrl 5) to view design layers in Plan and never noticed the significant difference before...

When I view in Top view, my 3d trees are in a different location to my 2d trees when viewed in Top/Plan view. (see attached screen shots)

I noticed it when setting up a camera shot and wondered why the trees were in front of the camera when actually they should be behind/to the side of it.

Any ideas?!


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When you enter the 3D portion of the symbol, in Top or Top/Plan view there should be a green axis line and a red axis line, where they intersect is 0,0. Or you could select the 3D part of your symbol and make sure the X and Y fields in the Obj Info palette read 0. If not, change them. If you have several objects that make up your 3D tree, you may have to group them in order to do that.

It isn't a bad idea to check that your 2D portion of your symbols are also at 0,0.

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