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Site Model Magically Changes

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I have created a 3D site model and inserted it into my block plans. However, when I insert it (literally copy and paste) it into my GA drawings, it magically changes and extra contours appear. I have attached two screen shots as a comparison. The SiteModelBlockPlan is how it should be.

Any ideas how and why it changes when I copy and paste it in?


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Hi Lucy

What are the objects you are creating? Are they, by any chance, Massing Models, that have Site Modifiers enabled? If so, they will change the site.

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Hi Tamsin

Thanks for your response. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, however the site model was created from 3D loci and I created a terrain > site model that way.

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HI Lucy

What I mean is that the objects you have copied onto the site may have site modifiers built into them. For example, the Massing Model tool by default includes Site Modifiers and will therefore change the model when they are placed on it.

Site Modifiers are objects that change the site to accommodate new buildings or other design changes to the contours.

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I'm not entirely sure then. I copied the site model onto a new layer in my GA drawing file and it is still changing.

Ok... think i've just cracked it. I had created a site modifier as a base/platform to the houses and just realised i hadnt copied that across. Apologies!

Thanks for your help though!

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