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Urgent help with renderworks 2012

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I am having problem with rendering using vws 2012. It is taking more than normal to render. Then after all the rendering is completed I export the work to PDF file, which it takes more than 2 hours to do the whole job. Now, is there a way of fixing this, or the new 2012 is lie that???

By the way, I am rendering with the 'realistic interior final' renderworks..

Please help me solving this problem.

Many thanks in advance for you help and time.

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Good day

You can edit the RenderStyle.

but first you can do quick renders with a lower dpi/res setting render like Fast with shadows, know it will look like what you want it and then do a final render. When you ready and happy with your drawing setup and renderstyle, instead of rendering on screen completely, hit the Esc button after you have told it to Render, you might need to hold it down for a few seconds to clear the command, to stop the render and then Save to PDF.

There are tons more things you can do to alter the drawing to speed up the Render process, like the way you apply textures, using square tube truss instead of round, Editing the lights, making sure the ones in the drawing are actually been seen and used as a possitive effect in the Render.

Post up what your system specs are in your Signature so we can help you more. also what version did you use previously? 2011/2012 is Totally different than the VWv.11/12 in the rendering field as it is now running on C4D...

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i allways make viewports and have the dokumentsetting/ducumentpreference the "save viewportcache" turned on. so having this viewport on a low dpi until it looks like i like it and than render in higher resolution with all the options turned on. than save ! if you export to pdf from there it does not rerender and if you close this document it does not need to rerender eather when opend again- except you made some changes.

works for me!

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Hello Christiaan,

Thanks for your reply.

To be honest, I do not even know what DPI I am working on. I am not very good with Vectorworks yet. However, you are referring to the resolution that is found in the Document Preference, then it is 72 on a full resolution. Are my settings wrong? Please advise me.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Many thanks,

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Hello cad@sggsa,

Thank you for your reply.

I have followed your instruction with the aid of esc key, but unfortunately it did not work. Could you please mansion an alternative method of speeding up the rendering process.

With regards to your question, I have perviously used the 2010 version.

I look forward to hearing form you shortly.

Many thanks

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Hello Joerg,

Thanks for your respond.

You are advising me on ticking the "Save viewport cache" option? Now, shall I also tick the "Mash smoothing with crease angle" if yes, what number do you recommend to put in the box?

Appreciate your time and support

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These settings are good enough for 'normal' work and presentations:

As you can see I use the Custom Renderworks mode.

- If you need larger prints or more detail use a higher sheet DPI.

- If you want better lighting quality, increase render quality settings to all medium or all high but this increases render times greatly and the difference is barely visible. The Final Quality Renderworks is equivalent to the highest quality levels in the Custom mode.

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