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Cease unnecessary re-renders



Whilst I sit and wait for my Realistic Renderworks Style to RE-RENDER I thought I'd post this request.

I had finished rendering and went to View>Lighting>Set Lighting Options to peruse my settings which took me to the Edit Renderworks Style dialog. I did NOT change a thing. When I exited the dialog, VW starts to freakin' re-render. Sheesh.

This happens on other occasions I can't immediately recall but now after having ranted I politely ask:

Please stop the unwarranted re-renders.

Thank you.

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I have noticed lately in 2012.vwx that the Mac OS Print/Save to PDF goes very quickly, at least for a rendered viewport. The page saves a pdf file in a second or two even when the Renderworks render of the VP took 15 or 20 minutes. Almost as fast as a screen shot. I am pretty sure that older versions did a rerender for Save to PDF.

Or maybe this is the cache function at work for VPs? Anyone else see this?

Ueemingly unnecessary rerenders happen in other situations. Then I resort to the old workaround of Escape the render and then initiate print/save (which starts the render anew). Or render fully and take a screen shot.


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My pet (re)render peeves:

1. Section viewports that sprout the update barber pole border after the graphic attributes or plug in settings of the section line object (in the annotation space of another viewport!!) are changed.

2. Viewports that show they need to be updated when only data has been changed in a worksheet. i.e. the price / sq ft of countertops or the dimmer number of a lighting fixture. No geometry has been changed - just attached data.

3. In a design layer when a scene is rendered and a Light Properties dialog box is open, the scene redraws after each parameter is changed. There is no Update button. So you have to wait for the scene to render after each parameter change and once more after clicking OK.


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