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Edit Saved Wall Style Components & stackable verticale wall components



Would be great to edit (change) saved wall style components.

This sure beats creating separate wall styles or having multiple walls of same type due to material change.

How about a default (system)wall library and a working drawing wall library?

The system library is waht is automatically invoked when starting a new drawing.

Working Drawing walls (file you are working on) are same as system walls except you can over ride (current working drawing) and not change the system wall types. This way the default wall types are always there.

You could change system wall types or add to the system library but changes will only take effect after saving and starting a new drawing.

Need to be able to stack wall components in wall definition.

See jpeg image of wall definition menu

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Just let us use any 3D object to act as a wall component and let us place them in any relation to each other... . Objects can cut out the wall with their wall hole group, so there will be no problem. Bounding slabs also must be updated so that we can really choose any wall component for each side seperately for every slab component. We really need more freedom, no work-arounds like adding/clipping surfaces!

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This is good. This goes beyond the idea of having building material definitions.

I like the idea of saving wall component definitions individually because wall layers have lots of properties that need intelligent re-use in the BIM world such as U-values weighted for the mortar joints of brickwork etc.

It would also allow Nemetschek to supply a default set of wall components without having to supply 1000 wall style definitions.


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