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Elevation Benchmarks

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Just curious as to the workflow for using elevation benchmarks:

I want to create a series of elevation benchmarks that appear in each elevation view.

If you draw these on the layer plane, as you change the view to front, back, right etc the benchmark "spins" relative to the view.


These should be drawn in the screen plane then?

And how do you get them to show in section viewports?


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This is not only important for drawing coordination and drawing setups but essential if we are going to work in a 3D environment in general.

At the moment it is very hard to actually 'see' where certain objects lie in 3D space, both in elevation views and sections.....especially considering section VPs aren't live, and in the absence of cut planes, we need this information to 'adjust' object heights in 3D, just having the PIO info is definitely insufficient!

I often need to offset wall tops and bottoms and then there is A LOT of maths involved because the PIO only indicates bounding heights and the offset but I need to know Z and delta-Z values to get it right.

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I've been trying to create a work around by using a symbol that includes the structural grid (grid bubble tool) and shows up as a single line in elevations and section, + a bench elevations symbol that only shows in elevations and sections.

The symbol is placed on each Story Design Layer.

So far it works OK as a reference line when drafting, I just can't figure out a way to get the benchmark to show the actual Z or delta-Z elevation and respective Story info, at the moment it just shows a dead text i.e.. 'Story +0 height'. Which means either one symbol with a general text or a separate symbol for each Layer......

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I use them all the time with section and elevation viewport annotations.

They work great.


They are needed as live objects in DLs......the ones you mean are only useful in VPs, meaning they must be added to each and every VP in turn, plus we need a much more usable, visual and comprehensive drafting aid for keeping track of Z and delta-Z heights, elevations, story/DL offsets etc etc.

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Having used levels yourself in other CAD, you know what I'm looking for ;)

I guess that this feature will be introduced eventually as the storeys feature evolves.

The sooner the better though...

The other software I use automatically creates the elevation lines (no benckmarks circle)when creating elevations.

Run the dimension tool through the lines and you have your heights

Definitely a needed feature.

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