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Vehicule turnning simulation plug-in?

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I don't. But I noticed on the Autoturn website a "Turning Templates" offering which says it works in any CAD program, "Turning Templates operate in any CAD environment ..."

So it might not be as good as using the actual program, but it's better than nothing.


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I had a look at the manual for the Vw 2011 version of StickPackage. It translates:


Please copy in, "Plug-Ins" folder with its contents "StickPackage16J" folder. (For Macintosh version is also available with a copy of the library into the user> Application Support> VectorWorks> 2011> Plug-ins for MacOSX.)

Please copy the contents of a folder in the file of "Into the Workspaces" of, "Workspaces" folder only (VW2011_StickPackage.vww). (For Macintosh version is also available with a copy of the library into the user> Application Support> VectorWorks> 2011> Workspaces of MacOSX.)

After re-launching the VectorWorks2011J, work screen menu> Please select your VW2011_StickPackage.vww (VW2011_StickPackage or).

Because some of the functions of VectorScript that are used in StickPackage has become deprecated future, check if they contain items display a warning> VectorScript Other Preferences> Vectorworks> the menu, the execution of the script If there is a warning dialog to that effect is displayed at

(Does not contain a check by default) will you. Use as it is because it does not affect work in this version of Vectorworks.


Generally, 2011 plug-ins work fine in 2012, so it's worth giving a try. The errors don't affect it.

I have not tried this version, but I did try an older one, in which clicking at locations on the screen will place a vehicle shape with tracks leading up to it.

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As with all plug-ins, it's just a matter of copying the items to the Plugins folder (including the occasional special data folder), then finding them with the Workspace Editor, and installing into menus and toolbars. So the installation of Stickpage is fairly standard. It is likely that the Workspace file is not needed.

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