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VS and black backgrounds... and other things

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Nobody's answering my questions on the VS forum, so...My Vectorscript PIO doesn't keep the values I give it. After the first instantiation, the default values 1 and 2 for that PIO get reset to '0' for the first value, and whatever the first instance's value 2 is, for value 2. Resetting the preferences for that PIO don't stick.

Also, I'm getting inconsistency with black background. Do I need to check whether or not the bg is black, to determine if my lines should be drawn white (or black, if the bg is white)? What is the difference between GetPref, GetPrefInt, GetPrefReal, and GetPrefLongInt?

I need help. It appears as though the PIO's work just fine in a white background, and are still ok as long as I: a) do any work in 'Create Plug-in' in a WHITE background, and b) close and open VW in a WHITE background.

What's the deal?

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I'm not sure, I'll leave a note for the VS guys to check this out.

In general there are a number of standing issues when black background is enabled.

This is probably because almost everyone I know here at NNA works with a white background. (Personally I think black background is an abomination to appease the ex-AutoCAD users whom are legion, but that's just an opinion not an NNA position) To help combat the issue in the future I know a number of our developers are making a concerted effort to work with a black background most of the time so these are caught more readily.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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