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ddmmyy versus mmddyy for VAA Titleblock

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We are using an adapted VAA titleblock and on most (but not all) of our Windows computers, the revision dates (including revision dates carried through to worksheets) will only display as mmddyy, despite all our efforts with regional settings, cell format, etc.

Apparently this is a bug which will be fixed in the next release, but does anyone have a workaround for the non-U.S.A., format minority???

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Thanks for the response... Yes, we have the same cell format options here, but changing the cell format strangely doesn't change the date that originated from the revision of a VAA Titleblock.

I just discovered that my computer at home generates ddmmyy, whereas my work computer generates mmddyy. This explains why on a recent job, revisions done at home appear on the worksheet in one format and on the same file, revisions done at the office appear in a different format!

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YYYY-MM-DD is the ISO standard and should be the default for everything in VW.

It's like ignoring international conventions like IFC to use a parochial format such as the US date format, which is very much the minority date format in the world. The US is practically the only country to put the month first.

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I know, I know... and old post, but the problem has reared it's ugly head again.

It was fixed sometime back, but now with VW 2016 and Windows 10 it has returned again to bloody haunt me.

Is there a register of how many things get fixed and then get "unfixed"???

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