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roof texture disappears


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In 2010 "textures by class" can not be applied in OI/render, if the roof has been edited with the subtract solids tool. In fact textures disappear if done afterwards. Only basic roof shapes can be used with textures by class as I understand it.

Is this a 2010 bug, fixed in later versions or am I doing something wrong?

Appreciate some quick help....

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If using the method described in topic "modifying a roof" it works fine.

I will start over with my roofs that way.

Is there a simple way to join two perpendicular roofs so that no faces are left at the intersection and inside the attic? b- like a "join roofs" tool?

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VW2011 added the connect roof faces tool, utilizing the connect/combine to trim or extend a roof face to another roof face and automatically slice off the areas which would extend into the attic. This only works on roof faces though, not roof objects.

If you go to a top/plan view with the roofs arranged as you wish, you can discern the cut points by looking at it in an Open GL render. You can then draw a clipping shape to slice off the offending edges in edit roof mode.

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