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Save not saving

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I am running vw landmark 2011 on a windows machine. I have the save function set up to remind me to save every 10 minutes. Today, after a crash, i discovered I lost a mornings worth of work. Since then I tested the save and even though I hit "yes" to the save reminder, it did not save. The file is on an external server, not my machine. the other thing I have noticed is that even when I had just hit yes to a save reminder, and then I went to exit, it would still ask if I wanted to save, which I thought was redundant until now. Anyone else experience this?

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Not exactly, however it is always good practice the Save (command+S) often, especially after finishing a particular aspect of work. Also, you can set the Auto Save to Save after "X" number of operations, which I find much more useful than number of minutes... I usually set mine to 60 operations, but reduce it to 30 when doing especially tedious tasks...

I don't know much about saving to external server, but I suspect that is the cause of your current problem. Perhaps others will have some words of wisdom (wow?).

Also, it is helpful for us to know your OS and VW's versions, etc. A good way to do this is by creating a signature, via the My Stuff>Edit Profile pulldown, above...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Don

Which service pack are you on for 2011? Service Pack 5 is available and I am pretty sure that this will fix your saving issues. But as you are saving to an external server, do make sure you check the sharing permissions set up for your user on the server.

Hope that helps.

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I have one user (out of nine [they are all on macs & VW2010]) who this occasionally happens to. We all work off the server, but this one user will randomly report to me that their saves aren't saving. Fortunately I have all their VW installations set to save a backup copy at regular intervals, and thus far the backup copy has been good so no lost work.

This occurs while everyone else is working off the same setup with no issues. We've never been able to chase it down because it only happens every few months.

I know it doesn't help, but maybe to know you are not alone...


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