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Grape lines.

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Have you found the Send to Surface command? Draw a 2d or 3d object (or bunch of objects) on the ground plane, select them then AEC menu>Terrain>Send to Surface.

You could make a grapestake symbol with notches for wire, duplicate on ground plane in rows, Send to Surface, then string them, notch to notch with a NURBS curve or a linear 3d Poly. To fatten the wire, either the NURBS or 3d Poly "wire" could be used for Extrude Along Path with a profile poly - fewer facets will render faster. Even a triangle would do for this except for extreme close view of wire.

Create a grape vine image prop as a symbol. Send instances of that to surface, coincident with the stake/wire object. Each instance may need to be rotated to conform to land contours.


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Isn?t there a hedge (could not find it), fence or railing tool which will follow a 3d poly?

Couple more ways:

If you just need the rendered view, create a ?ribbon? surface and apply a grape vine texture:

1. Draw a 2d plan view polyline under the site model which describes the path of a row of grapes.

2. Send to Surface. Convert to NURBS.

3. Duplicate in Place, Raise the dupe to height of vines (eg 36?)

4. Loft the two curves, use the Ruled option. Give the resulting surface a color fill.

5. Create and apply an image texture of a grape vine (make a drawing or use a photo).

6. Render in Perimeter mode, flip/rotate/scale as nec.

Repeat for each row.

If you want actual grapestakes & wires

1. Make your stake/post symbol with 3d locus where the wires will connect.

2. Draw a 2d plan view polyline under the site model which describes the path of a row of grapes.

3. Send to Surface. This creates a new 3d curve which follows the contours of the site.

4. Select this new curve and one of the fence post symbols

5. Apply the Duplicate Along Path tool to distribute the post/stake symbol. Do not apply the Tangent options.

Result is a bunch of vertical posts at correct spacing, but offset along the z axis.

6. Group the bunch and move the group to correct z.

7. String the wires with 3d Poly.

8. Model a simple grapevine, place individually or Duplicate Along Path, adjust rotation as nec.


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