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Automation for sequential window ID-Tag's ?

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Hi, i've searched the forum but can't find anything on this..

Is there a way to have the window ID-Tag create a new unique sequential number automatically, instead of having to re-enter the settings dialog every time.

I usually start inserting a bunch of identical windows at once so doing this manual numbering is dull and slow.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Yes - you just need to check the Auto-increment ID field... I'm away from Vectorworks at the moment, but I think when you create the first ID with the ID Label tool, the dialog opens and you enter your choice of prefix and first number. Then click Options and make sure Auto-increment is checked.

Hope that helps

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  • 3 years later...

Was this ever addressed?

Was there ever a way found out how to sequentially label windows:

1. As you insert them


2. After they have been inserted.

I see this happening in Revit and would LOVE to see this feature in VW.

And what happens when a door or window is removed… can the tags reshuffle?

Answers would be good.

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  • 4 weeks later...

As far as I can tell, windows can be labeled sequentially using the ID Label tool after a window has been placed in the drawing, and then the auto-increment setting has to be checked.

Also, no way to re-number windows automatically if one is deleted or added, once again it's through the ID Label tool, manually clicking on each window.

If anyone knows different... let us all in on the secret..

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