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section viewport/convert copy to lines...

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Hi hopefully someone can help me out with this one...

I've drawn a basic schematic 3d model (all objects on class none) on a couple of layers and created a couple of section viewports of this model (great function).

The settings of these viewports allow me to merge objects with the same fill so the section part looks nice. But...I use a perspective view for the sections I made and as nice as the section itself looks, the background objects with the same fill don't merge and looks messy.

Does anyone now a trick to accomplish this? I've tried to convert copy the viewport to lines but when I do this, it will convert it in wireframe mode (bigg mess)...

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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If you want to go the "Convert to Lines" route: Make a copy of the viewport itself, "Update" it (via the Obj Info palette), then "Convert to Group" (via the Modify Menu). This should get you a cleaner "exploded" viewport.

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Hi Nico,

I assume you are using the mode "hidden line" when you convert to lines . . .

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Hi Matt,

Thanks! This trick indeed results in a cleaner exploded viewport. Just what I was looking for!

P Rotondo, when you select a section viewport and convert copy it to lines you won't get the dialog (at least I don't) that lets you choose between wireframe/dashed hidden lines/hidden line mode as you get when you select a 3d object on a design layer and convert copy it...that's why I posted this thread, but Matt's solution works...

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You're welcome Nico!

It's not the most obvious command to use, but it makes sense when you realize that viewports can also contain rendered images as well. Converting to Group will also allow you to get at those bitmap objects.

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