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Referenced layers and native layers do not line up after x-ref update

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I am working in a material plan file that is having issues with x-ref'd layers lining up. I have a survey referenced in. After I update the survey in the material plan file it moves, but it actually moves to coordinates that reflect the native survey file. It appears now that my material plan line work is at a different location than the survey. However, when I opened the file the x-ref survey and the material plan line work were aligned but now it seems they were aligned (together) at incorrect coordinates when compared to the native survey. How can this be? Could this issue be related to working in a file with it rotated? I had the material plan rotated while I was drafting.

An additional note: I can be working in the file at one time and everything is lined up and at the correct coordinates. If I close the file and re-enter it at a later time, the ref'd layers move to different coordinates.

What I have checked/tried:

- all layers are at same scale

- all needed layers are visible

- tried to check box "ignore user source origin" in x-ref dialogue but does not resolve problem checked or unchecked

- setting view to top/plan still does not align ref'd layers in material plan



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I am having the exact same problem. My referenced file moves out of place when I modify and update it.

It doesn't happen every time but it's really annoying because I have to change its position whenever this occurs.

Have you found out the reason why???

Please Help!!!

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We always import DWG files into brand new VW files and leave them in their own file and reference them into our VW files.

As of right now we have not found an answer to the problem, but updated to SP 3 last week and are waiting to see if this helps at all. I am wondering if the problem is anything related to working in rotated view? If this is the problem, it makes the tool virtually useless.

This is a major problem for workflow and needs to be addressed and resolved by VW immediately.

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Could it be that if I import dwgs layers into that file (referenced one) it automaticaly changes my file origin????

Cause that could be one likely option

This is certainly the behaviour on 2008, but I haven't tried on 2012. As stated above you should always top your DWG import into a clean file, never into your working file.

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