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Polylines and arcs to 3D

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Can anyone help me extrude a pattern which I have made from polylines and arcs? I can compose it, but trying to join or convert, it won't allow. I have made sure that all the lines are connected. I've been using VW on and off for a year, but can't get my head around how to do this.

I'm trying to build a 20mm thick metal screen, 2000mm high which has a pattern punctured in it.

Many Thanks, Lauren

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


Not sure if this will help but have you tried using the 2D polygon tool in paintbucket mode to generate your shape? It will use your connected lines to create a new shape so you doesn't need to worry too much about overlapping lines etc. Hold shift and click to add areas to the shape

It will only create closed polygons or polylines and so is quite happy to be extruded.

Does the pattern go all the way through your shape? you may be better applying your pattern as a texture (if you have Renderworks) using bump mapping to give the impression its is cut out of your shape.

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