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fascia board not at roof level?

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One of my colleagues came across a similar issue yesterday but with the soffit. Interested in a solution too.

Imagine my surprise when one of my colleagues asked me the very same thing this morning. Fascia and soffit are on the floor instead of the roof.. Any answers?

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Hi Guys, OMG if neither of you top VW gurus know then I may get depressed!

Look forward to any help on this one as it makes the roof tool of limited practical use. Have resorted to using wall tool for soffite/fascia for the moment. Quite a lot of control really this way c/w roof tool accessories, even when they do work, especially on existing buildings.

Have found both your comments v useful for work arounds/guidance on the forums (saved many a presentation disaster) Please keep it up!

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I can't speak for Christiaan, but just because I hang around here a lot doesn't make me a guru...in fact I've only begun 3D working recently (mainly because VW was so bad previously I didn't bother...).

I've learned that if you keep threads on here alive long enough....a guru will show up eventually though...

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Just recently hit this snag too!

Soffits and fascias sit helplessly on 0 elevation. And it's not as if you can select it and lift it back up - they are locked on ground level.

You know, I was thinking, if this happened on any other product or service I'd probably consider asking for some sort of compensation/discount for the loss of features.

Any VW user who has downloaded and installed SP3 should get a 20% discount for a 2013 upgrade.

Will persevere with roof tool, but am getting close to dumping roof storey and drawing lines/polys over elevation views, the fees can't take it...'

For two significant features of the roof tool to be broken in a service pack is totally unacceptable IMO.

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So... the Boss said "Why can I see the underside of the opposite roof under the barge board?" and I said "No problem, we'll just add a soffit to the roof!".

Imagine the Client's surprise when they walk out of the front door and trip over the soffit at ground level!

Is Nemetschek hoping that this problem goes away of its own accord???

(P.S. I'm writing this while waiting to see if VectorWorks recovers from another "not responding" message! Professional software should not do this so regularly!)

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