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Hours of work LOST due to upgrade

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Good day

I use to be on VW12.5 and did a lot of design work whilst I had the time. I recently upgraded to VW2012 and compatibility between the two is shocking to say the least.

Symbols turn themselves into Lighting Instruments and some drawings can?t open/regenerate what I have done in the old version.

Most recent and reason for the post is a Fillet I spent hours on, getting it right in VW12 and now I have a Failed Fillet.(6981)

Some other objects do not appear when rendered but are visible in Wireframe.(6982)

The notice does say I can edit to try and correct it, but what type of editing is required?(6980)

Also WHY!! do we have to sit and put up with this?

VW should have made sure that ALL INFO can be read.

Is there a way to save all this lost work or do I just have to bite my tongue for upgrading??!

The last Image I attaced is what is did look like in VW12.(6983)

Should have stayed on it.

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Hi Carl,

SInce 12.5 there are mayor of Core changes, specially Parasolids and the Renderer.

Specially Fillets caused a lot of trouble before Parasolids.

Even now, it is not nice, that just the last Fillet can be undone.

I had one pre Parasolid Symbol with a lot of complicated Filets that could be saved by migration it Version by Version.

I can offer you to try to convert your Table, as I have even 12.5 on an old Powerbook Titanium that still works on my Stereo serving Itunes.

If you like Post a Version 12.5 of the Symbol here, or send it to me by mail.

regards Horst M.

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I understand the sentiment. I'd like good backward compatibility but given the choice I'd rather there was progress at the expense of backward compatibility as opposed to compatibility at the expense of progress.

We avoid converting files if we can and only start new projects on major new versions of the software.

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Carl, I sympathize completely, but we're having problems with bringing 2010 projects into 2012! Thankfully, I can only imagine the problems translating v12.5 to 2012 - that's a lot of territory to cover.

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Christian, let me explain a bit, why it's not just sentiment.

In our Venue, we have o lot of Elements, that I over the Years modeled, to use them in Drawings.

I started to model even the whole Buliding with a Lot of detailed Steel geometry.

I just cant Start every Year from 0.

I have a Masterfile for our Venue, and his one has to Migrate from Year to Year.

I hardly can use PIO's for what I do. (May be thats a plus :-)

On this Masterfile, I have based easily like 400 Plans from 2003 to now.

What else can I do than migrating that Bases over the Years?

There is just no other possibility than migrating these Symbol Files from Version to Version. For me its a couple of 100s of MB over the Years, from Stuff that's just there, and reused for each performance in different Setups. I work on this Library since 2003.

Some Samples attached. (All The Plattforms Stairs Walls and neven the Fixtures are custom Symbols of our Stock Equipment).

This is just to explain why we Performance Guys get frightened when

Software is (slightly) uncompatible to itself.

And I as I stated before: I actually didn't lose something important like a whole File or other

complicated Stuff due to Version Changes.

But I have to keep up, and can't Skip a Version Update . So. I would sign in for Service Select immediately If I only could. But thats a different Story.

Horst M.

Edited by Horst M.

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Thank you for the input guys

I see there has not yet been any response from Nemetschek regarding this.


Thank you so much for the offer to help me out here.

What type of bulk mail do you use?

I can forward it to you via Send-It. Will this work for you.

PS: You have done some magnificant work there in the attachments.

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You won't get this in AutoCAD. I have converted projects from R12 to 2012 with no issue in appliance. Sometimes referencing.

If there are core changes (as there are in many CAD packages) then why there is not a very little side development tool I do not know.

I guess it is a long shot, but do you have access to different upgrades (of VW) and be abel to run it through each one?

Saying that, we have had trouble between 2009 - 2011 and 2011 -2012.

ARGHH, VW is really not for the professional.

Sorry, had enough of VW this week, there is very rarely a good day.

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Good day Q

HorstM. has managed to help me out through migration, pulling the drawing and all its components through each version.

I understand he will post something regarding it.

Small adjustment were needed, mainly on the textures which are now working in a very weird and different way regarding how RenderWorks see's intensity.

A Black Metal Texture is white when set to 100% reflectivity. This I do not understand.

I agree with you that VW is not very pleasant to work with, but when it does work it does what we require.

You are not the first to make that statement on being professional.

Keep Well

Edited by cad@sggsa

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It would be very good to see how HorstM does this. If not too much a tutorial with screen shots would be most beneficial for an example piece.

I see VW work very well for presentation drawings, this is one of the few places I have had to work with VW in a technical capacity and I often have a fear. But thats all another issue.


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