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Viewport Question - different paper sizes

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Hi all

I'm running VW11 (quite an old version, I know, waiting for my student copy to be authorised.)

What I want to do is print my lighting plans on A3 paper, but print details etc on A4.

I can create viewports no trouble, but what I can't find is if there's an option to make the different sheet layers print on different paper sizes?




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A slight variation to this question .....

I created a viewport from a simple design layer plan of a bathroom. FWIW, the DL plan incuded some walls and several symbols for a window, toilet, sink and a cabinet. No dimensions, should this matter. As I attempted to create the VP, I was asked whether I wished to create a new sheet layer, which I did. Everything is fine. I switch to the new SL and try to change the VP view from top plan to an isometric view and nothing shows up. Switch back to a top plan view and it reappears. Even an attempt to a side view doesn't appear. I thought once you'd created a VP, you could select various views at will once in the VP? Do I need to select the view I want in the DL and I'm stuck with that when I create a VP?

Could this be a design/screen view issue?


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