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Page Boundary Problem on Sheet Layers

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Since the last service pack, I can longer show page breaks on a sheet layer. I can do this on design layers. For instance, if I'm using 11 x 17 paper, I can specify 6 pages and across and 4 pages down and I will see all 24 page boundaries on my layer.

But this feature has disappeared on sheet layers. If I specify 6 pages across and 4 pages down, my paper size changes to 66 x 68 with one giant page boundary showing on the sheet layer.

Many people were gathered at my desk today trying to figure this one out.

Even in older files from years ago, these individual page boundaries are no longer shown.

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Thanks. When I switched my background to black I can see the page breaks on a sheet layer. I've attached two images. The first is a sheet layer view with a white background and the second with a black background.

So the page breaks are there. I'm just not seeing them with a white background.

This is not a problem on design layers.

For now I can switch to a black background to make sure my layouts are correct. And I can draw page borders that will be seen when I have a white background.


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Yes, that was it. The default opacity is too light, but only for Windows 7 users. Thanks Pat.

I also heard from Gunther at Nemetschek who also confirmed this.

-Go to Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Interactive pane and click the, ?Interactive Appearance Settings? button

-Choose, ?General ? Page Boundary? on the left

-Then, increase the, ?Opacity? slider on the right

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