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VW 2011 - Space Tags

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Has anyone else found the space tags a little 'sticky'.

I've placed a series of spaces using the Space-Tag Simple tag, all is fine. But if I edit the space tag (by editing the symbol) the changes don't occur with all the occurrences of this tag. It would appear that I have to click on the space, go to settings from the object info palette and then simply click ok, but this only updates the one occurrence selected.

It's as if the software isn't rippling the changes through the symbols. This also occurs if you apply text styles to the text within the space tag.

Has anyone else found this or a solution?

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Following on from the above, we have found that when upgrading spaces from 2008 to 2011 the tags can sometimes become corrupted.

There appear to be two tags on top of each other. To rectify this, we have to select a space individually, click on the settings button on the object info palette and then simply press OK, without actually changing anything.

As with the above, its almost like we need a 're-draw and update' button.

Has anyone else come across this?

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