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How to Create a Vertical Lighting Postion?

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OK, Ive been fighting with this for over an hour.

Ive tried to rotate a lighting position for a vertical torm position. Spotlight will only allow me to draw/Rotate/Convert lighting positions in the Plan view.

I have been searching the help PDF but haven't fount anything to assist in doing this

Any Help would be greatly appreciated



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi G

No time to go into this in detail for you right now, but the answer you are looking for is the Create Plot and Model View command. It uses a combination of design layer viewports to create both the laid down view of position and the vertical view. You can then use a combination of these views on your Sheet Layer viewports as desired.

If you don't need a laid down view, you can place the lights on the position and then change its rotation on the Object Info palette.

Hope that helps. Gotta run. Sorry!

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The Spotlight-Getting Started Guide that comes with 2012 goes through this process. In short, draw your vertical lighting position in top/plan view (so it will be laying flat on the ground) off to the side of your drawing. (Outside of the theatre architecture) Populate it with lights. You can mirror the whole thing to the other side of the theatre as well.

You then use the Create Plot and Model View command This moves what you have drawn to a new definition layer and places a design layer viewport of the vertical lighting position back on your design layer. (which is probably your plot layer) You can move this viewport to the correct location.

This viewport shows the Vertical position laying flat in plan view, but once you start rotating, you can see the 3d model in its true vertical position.

Use this viewport on your model layer as well. (Make sure you hide the visibility of those definition layers!)

The tutorial is very good. It only took me 3 or 4 tries to understand it!

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Thank you for the help, but I don't understand why this is so difficult. On complex raked lighting positions, this will be a BigPITA!!. On the other 3 software programs I use for designs, I don't have any problems with 3d not to mention doing the same effect with half the steps.

Is this a concern to Nemetsheck or just another inconvenience I have to deal with?


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So in your other software programs, when you select plan view, you see your vertical lighting positions laying flat with all the channel, color etc. shown, the way you would draw them by hand on a plot?

I believe the main reason for the VW method is so you can have a printed plot view but as soon as you start rotating, it jumps to its 3d position for modeling purposes.

Design layer viewports are a great addition to VW. The learning curve is a bit difficult, I agree. As I said before, I did the vertical lighting position tutorial 4 times before I got comfortable with it.


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I just completed the Spotlight getting started guide. The first half is great, but as soon as I got to the sections around vertical lighting positions, you can tell the authors changed or the writing of the manual was rushed. It gets very messy and sloppy with explainations. The DLVP and vertical lighting tips were very confusing.

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