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How about getting rid of some of the lesser used forums on here...some have hardly any activity and could be folded back into General Discussion.

This could make way for some new forums, like country specific forums. I'd like:

- a BIM forum

I know this overlaps with the Architect forum but it would encourage focused discussion of VW as a BIM tool

- a UK users forum

This could cover issues such as localisation discussions, regulation specific practices etc.

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Here's an idea for a new forum:

Tips and Tricks

Vectorworks sometimes has hidden and underused features. Discovering them by browsing the help files is a little dry....so how about we do it here, by sharing discovered tools or tips and tricks on how to use them.

To kick off, today I discovered

Coincident Object Selection

When several objects are sat on top of each other and you can't click on the one you want, hold J down before clicking and you get a magic little list to choose from...

Select Connected Objects

(Edit menu)....selects all bits of exploded polylines or connected lines, as long as the ends touch... No tolerance settings unfortunately, but useful nonetheless..

I always read the New Features documentation for each release, but I missed these two.. I know that Jonathan Pickup distributes Tips and Tricks but a forum for this would be great..

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