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Facility to turn ability to move origin



We'd like a file preference option that gives us the facility to turn off the ability to move the page origin, so we can turn it off in our template files.

I've banned moving the origin in our office but occasionally people forget and move it anyway, which can cause quite few problems down the line.

Edit: Or just go with Dieter's suggestion:


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Hey, Kizza - Thanks to Chris D, I finally figured it out.

As Chris says, add your image via file manager and OK the post. Then

1. View your post and right click the link to the image/file.

2. Choose the Copy LInk option.

3. Then edit your post in full reply mode.

4. Click the Enter an Image button. (see screen shot).

5. Choose the option for Insert a non-floating image. (the other options may work, too)

6. A dialog opens asking for a link.

7. Paste the link you copied earlier (it will already have the HTTP/ prefix, so paste over the one offered in the dialog.

Return to your post - See the image!


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Right, Sorry for the side track.

Qualified +1 for removing the move origin feature. I support a file pref over a global pref if Move Origin has some use. Compatibility with old files may need some thought before removing it.

I would like to hear from those who use the feature successfully. It should be a way to deal with those imported ACad files with drawing origin hundreds of thousands km away from the VWX drawing page center (Why pick that origin?!). But it doesn't seem to work. Moving the vwx origin does not solve the rendering problems or rounding errors caused by the distances with 12 digits. It's as if Vectorworks is remembering the default page origin and calculating everything from there instead of from the new origin.

What is the intent of the Move Origin feature? Is it a legacy, no longer needed?

There are also related project management problems with the move page feature.


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The Move Origin command is a poor imitation of the UCS system that AutoCAD has had for 20 years. It is so bad it should be removed from VW or replaced with proper multiple, nameable origin/coordinate systems that are unified in 2D/3D and actually work for all tools consistently, including hatch and texture origins.

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It's as if Vectorworks is remembering the default page origin and calculating everything from there instead of from the new origin.

It is. That's the whole reason why I always advice to not move the origin. It isn't needed for anything and VW will do strange stuff because of calculations becomming too complex because of too high numbers because of too far from the origin.

I have always asked myself why someone would need to move the origin? All reasonable answers are welcome.

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I do like to resurrect unfulfilled old wishes of mine:


Item number one on my list of robust foolproofing measures that VW needs.

+1 on all counts!

You know....it struck me a couple of days ago that I need to sit down and summarize all the points I feel NV needs to concentrate on to get the UI to be a lot simpler, more logical and intuitive, I've been using VWs for 6 years now and I've ended up in the position where I've stopped questioning the bads of the UI, how is it then for those just starting out with VWs?

With ACs ribbons (baring the esthetics) at least you know where to go for most of the settings, commands and tools.

At the moment we have a wonderful diversity of:

screen input,

floating databar,


the OIP,



one click edits,

double click edits,

group edits,

reshape edits,

attribute palettes,

class based settings,

layer based settings,

story settings,

DLVP settings,

SLVP settings,

Layer, screen and working plane settings,

Document settings,

Project settings,

and overrides all in different shapes, forms and places.

Ask yourself are they effective and logical?

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