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Chain dimensions no longer chained but separated

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Suddenly my associative chain dimensions in one file are no longer chained together, but are separate dimensions. If I cut and paste chained dims from another file, they remained chained in this problem file. I can no longer create chained dims in this file. When I create "chain dims" in this file, everything looks normal, with the bullseye cursor, but when I select the series of dim lines after its created, in the Object Info Palette, it is labeled as "Dimension" not "Chain Dimension". I've checked everything I can think of, including switching to a new Workspace Editor.

This happened after a crash last night. I've restarted VW and rebooted the computer. Other files seem to be unaffected. Is there a toggle somewhere that I don't know about?

Of course, I need to submit this set of drawings for a building permit in the morning! I'm running 2012 with SP3 on a killer iMac. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And thanks for working on a Sunday with me!


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Inexplicably solved. The problem was in viewports and the viewports had been moved on the sheet, which Will T. has submitted as a bug. I did a custom selection/modification on all viewport dimensions and chain dimensions, moved that selection to a new class and then back to the "dims" class, and I no longer have the problem.


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I see you are running VW2012; you could add that info to your signature for easy reference.

I am using only VW2011 but don't see this problem. Chained dimensions created in the VP stay chained, and even modify when the underlying geometry is changed.

The file may be corrupted, caused by your crash, perhaps. You might want to reference that file from a new one and get the layers and classes out of it. See if that clears up the problem. Do you know how to do that?

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