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Pad tool wont work


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Right, I have managed to create a site model which I am pleased with, and I have added a NURBS road. Now I am trying to add a PAD but it just won't work! It seems the pad is below my site model and at the wrong height, therefore it isn't intersecting with my model, but I have set the elevation to 155000(mm) but its still below.

I'm going round in circles and have tried it a million times (or so it feels like!)

What am i doing wrong?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Lucy

You might have encountered a bug that existing in 2010. If your Pad is drawn in Layer Plane (check the Object Info palette), it will not work. Make sure you are in Top/Plan view and then change the plane of the Pad to Screen Plane. It should work then.

If not, use the View bar to make sure you are drawing in Screen Plane and then redraw your pad.

This is no longer a problem, but I remember did cause issues in 2010.

I hope that helps you to move forward.

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