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This seems like it should be simple

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Generating a worksheet for Window Daylight and Vent calculations. Summarize the table so all windows that are alike appear as one line item. This ends up summarizes the DLO and VO for the windows which is not what I want to display. I want this schedule to display the DLO and VO for the type of window not the sum of dlo/vo of the windows with that designation. One way I thought about doing this was adding a column that showed the number of windows per line that had that designation and a column that divided the sum of DLO field by the quantity. But I cannot figure out how to get the quantity (count) of the number of symbols with that designation. Ive included screen captures of the table before the sum applied to the first column and after.

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If you are on VW2012 you can just drag a SUM tile to the columns you don't want totaled. Make sure you select a row in the database first.

Before 2012 you were limited to 3 SUM tiles now it is unlimited.

Your idea of dividing by the count was the best previous work around.

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Another thread answered the question with putting a number 1 in the Header field, beautiful simplicity.

Now I have another question, when creating my own Worksheet I want to only include the records that are toggled "On Schedule" and eliminate the space I use for other purposes like the 1st floor area, etc...

What is the criteria required to do this? do I use the logical IF function on that Field being "True", then show the data of those records?

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You need to edit the database criteria and add an additional criteria for On Schedule.

Add a door or window to a new blank document and create the built in schedule. The criteria for that includes the On Schedule criteria. You will have to show the database headers to be able to edit the criteria.

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