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nurb curves.

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Hi all.

I'm trying to create a S shaped path that also curves down.

When I create the shape and then convert to nurbs surface I'm only allowed to adjust the given u and v vertices that make up the grid over my shape.

I would like to have verices that are directly on the shapes edges like that of a polyline so I can acurately move the vertices in the Z plane.

Any info much appreciated.

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Appologies probably didnt explain myself well enough. Hard to explain.

When i doube click the vertices that apeare form a square over the S rather than forming on the actual line of the S.

I understand I can move these corner points which effects and twists the S but I was hopeing to be moving points actually attached to the S so as to be a lot more acurate.

Does that make sense?

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If you actually draw your NURBS curve using the NURBS curve tool in the "NURBS curve by interpolation points" mode you will get what you're looking for.

As far as I know converting a polyline to a NURBS curve will always generate the results you are getting (the equivalent to using the "NURVS curve by control points" mode of the NURBS curve tool).


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Andy, does your object info indicate NURBS Curve? It sounds like you have a NURBS Surface. Depending on what you started with, you may be able to use 3d Power Pack>Convert to Interpolated Surface to put points on the surface. Edge curves are generally lost, though, if you have to Untrim (in the OIP) to make the conversion run.

NURBS Curves:

If you draw a polyline, say with some corner points and some curve points, the Convert to NURBS command (cmd N) should yield a NURBS curve, not a surface.

Vertices on a NURBS curve, either created with the NURBS Curve tool or by converting a polyline, can be toggled to/from corner points by dbl click to enter edit mode, then choose the 4th box in the Mode bar = Change Vertex.

Play with this on a duplicate object just to be safe.


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Thanks for the help.

Fianlly put it all together. Drew 4 seperate nurb curve lines, changing the curve degree to get sharp corners or sweeping bends, created surface from curves, and I finally had a shape that I could allocated Z heights to specific corners.

Thnaks again.

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