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Object parameters in worksheets

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From what I know, each object has an asigned record where the data is stored.

This way, in a database record we can retrieve data this way: objectname.fieldname

This works for most fieldnames, but not for all. Is this because the fieldnames are language based so we need the real variable name ?

If so, where do we get them ?

For example Object space:

space.length gives me the length of the space.

space.'ceiling height' doesn't return anything

Both length as ceiling height are parameters in the shape pallette of the object "space"..

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I guess its all about the " Alternate Name" in the parameters setup.

Too bad I can't find the script space in the plugin list

I did find the fieldname by accident, but is there a way to list the fieldnames of each property of a plugin object/tool ?

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Would you believe =('Space'.'11_Extrusion Height') or =('Space'.'Extrusion Height')?

There are two ways to find these field names of parametric objects.

1. Use Pat Stanford's script. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=108487#Post108487

Just select a space object and run the script. A new worksheet will be created with the name of every field it can find in the record.

2. If you have one of the design series versions (except Spotlight!) use the Tools > Report > Create Report... command.

List all: "Objects with a record"

Listing objects with the record: "Space"

This will create a very large and entertaining worksheet with all possible (or as many as you choose) fields.



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