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I have a large drawing where many people have worked on it. As a result, they have chosen to do opaque/percentage fills with no pen weight border.

These have also been done on different classes.

I cannot seem to find the option under Custom Selection to select all items that have the opaque/percentage.

I cannot imagine that this is not an option, but it is passing me by.

Before posting, i did start to try and select them individually, but due to not being able to select items through rotation when classes are over/under each other it is proving all very hard going for what should be a 5 second job.

A suitable professional solution greatly appreciated.


Using VW2011 - 3.2ghz i3 - Mac

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Why don't you use the Select Similar Tool, the one that looks like a magic wand? Select the tool, click on the type of object you want to select all instances of, and voila, you've got them all, done. You can modify your selection criteria, and even save your selection criteria for future use.

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Thanks Mitch, just been pointed out to me by someone at work, i was logging on, in order to post back this find.

Thanks for posting, greatly appreciated.

It would be good to have one place for selection, not two. But we have an answer all the same at this stage.

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Reporting back, it selects only opacity with that percentage. Typically, I have had a user that has decided it is best to set a different percentage to almost every blinking shade aspect they wanted.

To begin with, I was lucky to pick up a bulk of them, but since still needed to fish through.

Be good to be able to say, select any opacity object, irrelevant of percentage.


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There should also be a deselect option available with the Select Similar tool.

ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=6866&filename=Deselect%20similar.png \

thanks Chris

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Yes, selecting by opacity criteria is new in VW 2012. For VW versions that have Opacity (VW 2008 and later), you can use the follow script to select object in a range of opacity values. It is similar to a script I posted a couple of weeks ago that selects 3D Symbols based on the Z Heights. You may see a pattern emerging.

{ 27 Mar 2012 - R. Mullin }
{ A way to select objects in a range of opacity values. }
{ Opacity values are in the integer range of 0 to 100, inclusive. }
{ Only visible objects on the current layer are affected. }
OpacityHi = 90;		{ Edit value to suit needs }
OpacityLo = 50;		{ Edit value to suit needs }
H :Handle;
OP :Integer;

function SelectByOpacity(H :Handle) :Boolean;
{ Select objects in the range of OpacityLo <= OP <= OpacityHi. }
	GetOpacity(H, OP);
	if (OP <= OpacityHi) & (OP >= OpacityLo) then 
End;		{ SelectByOpacity }

DSelectAll;	{ remove this line if you want to add to existing selection }

ForEachObjectInLayer(SelectByOpacity, 1, 0, 0);		{ Visible, Shallow, Current layer }



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a script I posted a couple of weeks ago that selects 3D Symbols based on the Z Heights. You may see a pattern emerging.



Thanks for this.

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