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Symbol record data not showing in worksheet

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I want a symbol with pre-filled record information. Lets call it hook.


If have drawn a hook then attach a record and fill in the record with Name, Length, Qty & Weight. I then pick the hook and create symbol.

Placing this symbol on the drawing does not initially show and record attached but editing the symbol shows that it still has a record with data.


If I right click on the symbol in the Resource Browser I have the option of "Attach" which allows me to choose from the record formats available.

"Attach" does not attach anything and there does not seem to be be a way of adding data to the record even if it did.


Working with 1. above, even though there is data embedded in the symbol, this data does not show up on the worksheets.

I don't want to change the symbol to group during insertion because I lose the ability to revise all instances by editing the symbol.

Is this a bug or am I missing something here?

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