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Ability to import stories and story layers.

Dieter @ DWorks


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7. On OIP show both object Z height relative to its Design Layer and object Z height relative to its Storey

That reminds me of a question I haven't posted. We use what we call AOD levels in the UK (Above Ordnance Datum), which are national benchmark heights, in addition to local heights relative to the ground floor FFL. How are people handling this?...are you modelling at Z=0 and then referencing your building to the real world height, or modelling at real world Z values? Can VW handle both?...if not:

8. Dual elevation heights (world and site)

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Chris, I think being able to use real world levels for Storeys and Design Layers is essential. If we were to have that ability then we would need:

[*] To be able to set a Datum level for the project so that when you are viewing the model in a Design Layer elevation view it is on the page rather than way above the page.

[*] To have objects show on the OIP their Z height relative to the Storey they are in and their Z height relative to the Design Layer they are in. It may also be useful to have shown the real Z height and/or the Z height from the Project Datum.

[*] The levels to automatically show on all model generated elevations and sections.[/List]

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How are people handling this?...are you modelling at Z=0 and then referencing your building to the real world height?

Hate to quote myself but wondered if anyone had experience of this?

We've found that textures are like hatches in that they set themselves out from the file origin upwards, so you can't use a 75mm brick texture unless your building is a multiple of 75mm above the file origin, etc. It appears that local attribute mapping doesn't work on textures like it does on hatches too.

One more reason to unify hatches/tiles/textures/brick shaders into consistent Building Materials...


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When modelling a four-building scheme I've modelled each building so the centre is at x=0 and y=0. I've then referenced all the buildings into a separate site model file and orientated/located them correctly relative to the survey.

I've applied the same principal to the z-value. Each building is modelled with ground floor finished floor level at z=0. Once referenced into the site model I then adjust to the correct elevation.

This will be why I haven't had a problem with brick textures.

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