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Renderworks vs. Artlantis

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So I've just removed Artlantis from my signature. After doing a couple of schemes in Renderworks we're pretty happy with the results. There are still a few niggles but not enough to concern ourselves with maintaining and exporting to another programme anymore.

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That's comforting news for those of us that haven't invested in any stand alone renderers :grin:

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We're going to keep Cinema 4D going alongside Renderworks. RW is a usable solution for working renders during design development, but for presentation standard it's no match for Cinema.

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So a medium-to-large project I'm working on is turning out to be a bit of disaster. Slipping deadlines, unreasolvable visual bugs, crashes on file save, all-nighters trying to catch up. The Cloud Services release date in the UK looked like it was going to be a godsend but that's been a disappointment too; the only render we've managed to get out of it is OpenGL. I would say half my week this week has been tied up in trying to get VW just to work, rather than what I should have been doing: refining lighting, colours, adding planting. Feeling really down on VW today.

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I totally second what Chris D. says in his recent Post.

Modell and Rendercheck/workingrenders in VW.

Presentation Renders, specially refining Lights and Textures, should be done in C4D.

The good think is, that the Export to C4D works, because VW has to that for every RW Image anyway.

There could be improvements, but for my experience its reliable

I know this causes extra learning of C4D and Investment, but in the End, it opens up new possibilities.

And speeds up the process at least for Lights and texturing.

Plus: you have sooo many possibilities to tweak your renders with simple settings.

Plus: There should be Bunches of young creatives (Students?) out there who can jump in.

Besides that construction, precision aka "the Seroius Part oaf the job" stay in VW and the Renderpart, that involves a lot of playing and cheating, is easier in C4D, which is made for such stuff.


Horst M.

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I would have to agree. I am unimpressed with the overall performance of Renderworks. While one may be able to get somewhat more photo-realistic renderings, the time involved for us is not worth it. I was able to get multiple images in just minutes, with incredible real time control over lighting, textures and views. In Renderworks, you burn so much time chasing down all the dialog boxes and parameters to get it (what you think is) just right, only to have it turn out less then what you'd hoped for in the final rendering after a huge amount of time, hours and hours. I'm sure it is powerful, but the interface is not intuitive at all and not well explained. It has taken me the better part of a day (while waiting for renderings) to find out in other peoples blogs or tutorials, setting that should in my opinion be tied to the action one is attempting, not buried inside of other functions. Indirect lighting being a prime example. I am so frustrated at the lack of functionality.

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The very question I asked a few days ago so its nice to get your input which is a bit contrary to the thread I started



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