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Auto Rotate Text When Plugin Object Rotated?

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I created a plugin object that creates a geometric shape and uses strings to display some text. Unfortunately, if I rotate the plugin object in vectorworks the text rotates as well. This creates major neck cramp issues. Is there a way for me to script the rotation of my text so when I rotate my plugin object my text adjusts itself to always displayed correctly?

Thanks in advance,


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You have to rotate the text manually but it's not difficult. Use GetSymRot to get the rotation of the plug-in. Rotate the text by the opposite (negative) of the rotation value. Make sure "reset on rotate" is enabled in the plug-ins properties in the plug-in editor.

Query again if you need more specific instructions.


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Hi Josh,

Beginner with no experience in Vectorscript

Can you explain that in layman's terms? Plug-in object = Symbol?

I'm trying to make Symbols of electrical fixtures with its Fixture Types designation (text) attached to Record Format. Can I make the text rotate with the symbols?


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A symbol draws its geometry from its symbol definition, which is a resource. It's really analogous to a rubber stamp or tracing a template.

A plug-in object gets its geometry from a script. The script can read data from the Object Info palette -- each field is called a parameter. PIOs can range from fairly simple to quite complex.

In order to rotate text so it is always horizontal, you would need to make a PIO inserts a symbol, reads its own rotation, creates the text, then rotates the text in the oposite direction. There are various levels of complexity for retrieving the text value, from using a parameter field (easy) to getting a record attached to the symbol definition (slightly harder).

If you're interested in creating your own plug-in with VectorScript, I recommend first looking up a basic introduction to Pascal, the language on which it is based. Note, this not the more modern Object Pascal.

Next, take a look at the help application's VectorScript Language guide.

Finally, take advantage of the reference materials on developer.vectorworks.net.


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