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Worksheet not seeing Records in Reference Viewport objects

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Is this normal?

A Worksheet Criterion cannot be set to report objects by Record Format if those objects are not in the current drawing but are in a drawing that's being Referenced Viewport.

This is very limiting especially as its often those objects which have Records attached that are the more count-worthy.



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Thanks for checking Michael - Now I'm wondering if I can call it a bug & have it resolved. It's an unnecessary functionality limitation.

So - as an alternative I'll give a locus a Name in the Data tab and bring that in via my Reference Viewport. Now the problem is NNA#1 prepends every Name. How can I avoid this or what's the command (opposite of Concatenate) to remove it.

Thanks & thanks.

How to Trim this?

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Just an idea - I don't know if this will help. Perhaps if you go to the Resource Browser, and double click the Record Format in the referenced file, to make a new copy of the Record Format resource for the file in which you're making the report. Then perhaps the file can use the Record Format in the report.

Again, I don't know if this will work.

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I think I am experiencing the same issue, trying to pull information into a worksheet by a criterion which is part of a record format. The record format is attached to my target objects in a file referenced into the worksheet file through a design layer referenced viewport. But then, my worksheet can't see the objects when criteria are set by class, layer....

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