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space tool: can I edit/delete the suffix sq m ??

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I'm playing around with the space-tool, which seems to be very useful.

Most of all the function of showing the area of a space.

The "field" that I use for this is "net area", which works perfectly - no problem here...

But: VW automatically adds the suffix "sq m"

How can I change that ??? I would prefer m2 or something else.

Is that possible??

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I fought, and fight, with this "sq m" also.

I just didn't manage to get m? typed or pasted in Worksheets or the Custom Input Fields of the Units Interface.

It would be nice, if you can show how you did that

My workarround to get rid of the freaky "sq m" (at least in the Space Objects) is,

to set the Units for Areas to Custom, leave the Input Field empty,

and add m? in the correct Place of the related Space-Label Symbol

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Thanks Ian for the effort,

but on OS X I just can't get it.

It looks like a mismatch between OSX and the Interface(s) in VW.

normally, i can get every letter from the Sign palette of the OS.

but in the Units interface that is not working, no clue why.

The (Units) Interface of VW just allows letters,

that can be typed throught the keybord,

and there is no ? on the Keyboard, I tried every Shift - ctrl - alt combination.

I tried also Copy and Paste, but that also doesn't work.

the ? is either transformed to something else or VW Crashes.

may be so other OSX User knows a way. (.... to the next Whisky bar)

Regards Horst M.

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