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Windoor: is this configuration possible?

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Thanks guys, I went with the symbol/2 windows on top of each other option. Not ideal to say the least but I'll deal with the scheduling problem later.

This is where the VW Window Tool is much better than WinDoor, with its Custom Sash Options you can divide a window up in any way you like and place any supported sash into any of those divisions. Problem is it's woefully short on sash options.

In fact, is it possible to mix and match VW and Windoor windows and then schedule them together?

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I don't have the most current windoor, but I believe that there was a schedule template that shipped with windoor that was set up for scheduling W/D and VW Windows in the same schedule. If you can't find that in the current version of windoor I may be able to did it up from an older version.

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