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Jim Smith

Importing Sketch-up Layers

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I'm working with a client who would like to import Sketch-up models into VW & there seem to several issues:

The first is Sketch-up Layers. I'd like to switch these all to VW Classes rather than Layers so I can add Fills & Hatches in the Class assignment. Can this be done simply on either the Sketch-up Export or the VW Import? Or is this as time consuming as it seems? (Create a Class, Move the object to a new Layer & assign it to a Class, Delete the imported Layer. Rinse & Repeat.)

Next all the imported objects arrive in VW as symbols, so they need to be broken apart to be able to be edited. Again, is there something on the Export or the Import I can do to bring these objects in as individual 3-D polygons?

Any other Sketch-up to VW tips would be very helpful. I spent too much of my youth with eradicator fluid & too many years in VW to get my head around Sketch-up, it feels too much like work. To me it's the opposite of intuitive but I never got into RPGs.

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There must be quite a few VW users out there who regularly switch between VW & Sketchup and who could meanginfully talk about the issues in your 2nd paragraph. I use both but even though there is an import function from VW to Sketchup I never manage to get it to work , so I work the other way round and make dwgs of my VW stuff and import them into Sketchup .

As far as Sketchup is concerned I do know that layers work differently to other programmes and are used for controlling visibility . The golden rule in Sketchup is to keep all geometry on the one layer (Layer 0) , then make components of related geometry and assign the components to other layers to be able to control visibilty ( turning them on an off as required ) .

I have never bought the idea that you can be up and running in Sketchup in a couple of hours , but I would urge you to persevere as the combination of VW & Sketchup is a very powerful armoury . Aidan Chopra's book "Google Sketchup for Dummies" is a great place to start.


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