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Why is some text for plant tags gray and other black?


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HI Elena

Is it possible that you have been creating your own plant symbols from scratch? If so, check the current default opacity setting on the Attributes palette. If it's not 100%, your plants have been created with less that 100% opacity embedded in them. I have found that when placed this way, the transparency gets worse and worse the more you place.

I have already reported this as a bug.

If it's NOT that, you are welcome to send me your drawing (or a small extract of it in a fresh file) and I'll happily take a look at your plant settings.

Hope that helps

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Also check to be sure your plant labels are all on the same class and layer. Sometimes that happens to me.

Click on a few plants while looking at the object info palette and keep an eye for anything that's different in the class or layer descriptions. If you find something, it's easy enough to change it (select the correct class which is probably plants - components tags or something like that) right there in the Object Info Palette.

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