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C. Andrew Dunning

Audio ToolSet 2 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Audio ToolSet 2, the pair of Plug-In Objects used to create simple loudspeakers and flown line arrays.

Though there are several other modifications, in this version we've addressed 3 of the most common critiques of our initial offering:

- AudioBox 2 will allow users to visualize up to 3 dispersion ranges, for things like db drop-offs, key frequencies, and/or frequency ranges.

- AudioArray 2 will allow users to define up to 3 loudspeaker types for a given array.

- AudioArray 2 will allow different relative tilt angles for each loudspeaker in a given array.

To get more info, visit our Audio ToolSet 2 Web page or view the


Thank you!

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Andrew! Great work on Audio Tool Set 2! Already it has been a huge time saver and has proven to have an accurate prediction of what different coverage patterns will do in proposed seating layouts! I've found the multiple dispersion ranges to be very useful for -6db and -10db coverage points listed by some manufactures. It's a great asset to the arsenal!

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Audio Tool Set 2 is a great upgrade and particularly useful for those brands who cannot deliver 3D prediction models. I will be teaching a "Vectorworks for Audio" class in a week and will post some thoughts here afterwards.

Thanks Andrew!

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For those of you who've been asking when AudioArray 2 will build ground-stacked arrays, as of this week the answer is "NOW."

In addition to ground stacking, this version (2.55) will also create "bumperless" arrays and non-rectangular bumpers.

As has been our practice, this update is free-of-charge for Audio ToolSet 2 and Producer's Pack 2 users. Simply use your current link(s) and password(s).

For some users, this might be a pretty minor update. For several, though, this is a direct response to a significant need you've expressed. Many thanks to the several of you whose feedback and input make updates like this possible! Keep the comments coming!

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And...more AudioToolSet 2 evolution...:

While we usually don't like to release "single-feature" updates of our tools, enough users have been asking if/when AudioBox 2 and AudioArray 2 will automatically flip/spin loudspeakers that that hesitation has been set aside. The newest releases of both tools, 2.56, boast a "Flip Orientation" toggle, which turns loudspeaker models on their sides. As a little added bonus, this new version of Audio Array 2 also includes a new "Tripod" option.

As in the past, this update is available free-of-charge to holders of current licenses for Audio ToolSet 2 and Producer's Pack 2.

If you're not a current Audio ToolSet 2 user and would like more info, visit the Web site below.

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