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PDF Batch Export Crash

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I am trying to export a batch PDF of a drawing that has 8 individual sheet layers sized 11x17. Upon individual pdf exporting, no file exceeds 818kb, and it is successful. However, when i try to batch export, it freezes every time and crashes. I don't want the client to have to individually open each sheet when they are viewing.

I am exporting to 72dpi, and tried rasterizing text. No luck.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Found 1 hang up with a viewport that didn't like being 2d. Turned off autosave, and had success saving sheets 1-4 together and 5-8 together, but not 1-8. 2 files is better than 8 files. i got an "out of memory" error a couple times, and an unspecified crash a few other times. Thanks for the tip, it did help.

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I have been having this issue as well.

Crashing when attempting to export batch pdf...

I have found that when this occurs, turning off "save viewport cache"

in Document preferences seems to allow batch printing.

This is on a file with about 20 sheets where the resulting pdf is under 5 megs.

So, certainly not a huge file.

In Activity Monitor, VWs pegs the processor at around 98-99 %

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