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Does anyone understand how to use the "Control Offset" portion of the wall tool?

I hope and suspect that it allows one to shift the centerline of the wall a fixed amount from the line traced by the mouse. This would allow footings to be centered under stemwalls by tracing the outer perimeter of the wall. Yet, there are no visible results when a value is added to the "Control Offset" box.

Any help would be appreciated. - Thanks

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If you are trying to draw you walls around the perimeter of a line rather than by the middle of the wall, you would do this with the contorl line in the mode bar. The red line specifies the part of the wall that would be snapping to the line you draw it by.If you select the inside control line, then the inside of the wall will draw along a floor perimeter, leaving you with a wall outside of the floor perimeter. You can use the center control line to draw the wall based on the center thickness of the wall along the line you draw to draw the wall. The ouside control line will draw the wall inside of the line used to draw the lines.

I hope that helps.

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