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Be gone, ya pesky varmint! (attributes palette)

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I hate the Attributes Palette with a passion. I've argued this before on these boards, but it is now high time that it was shot and buried!

I mean, it's so deprecated that it's now shrivelled up into a shadow of its former self anyway, just look at it besides the 2008 version (2012 on the right):


You can't even see if your lineweight is set by class anymore! (try it!) But this is just cosmetic...it doesn't need fixing it needs annihilating!

In the CAD world it was an annoyance that line colour/style/weight was separated from the other attributes of an object, but in the BIM world it is surely heresy!

The attributes palette should be folded into the Object Info palette where it belongs. CLASSES should be what determines an object's properties 99.9% of the time. We should not be using MacPaint style little palettes to set colour and lines of individual objects.

Having the attributes palette separate just encourages people to use it instead of selecting the right class. And I don't buy that 'it's people that shoot people, not guns' argument.

Fine, ok, you can have a tear-off palette if you want it, but it should not be separate by default and it should be better than the crappy little thing in the 2012 version anyway!

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Agree. One has only to understand that there is no object in a CAD document that does not have a class and layer designation to see why the attribute palette is confusing and misleading.

For those that want to disregard classes, then Chris's suggestion is the best solution, just have the attributes be part of the OIP.

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I found my old photochop...


But I would want to add a tick that does what the little arrow on the bottom of the current palette does - set everything by class - and when it is ticked the attributes are all locked to class, so users would have to untick to manually edit...

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