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Windoor: single glazed panels in doors

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For 100 Ozzie$ it is!

If you're a one-man gang. Then there's the support to factor in when you have multiple seats. And what do you do if it stops being developed? If you're a practice with a lot of seats that's going present a rather large problem. When you buy a third party plugin separately to your distribution then you are taking on the responsibility. No one's going to come to your rescue.

The less seats you have the less these things matter.

Edit: one bonus of recession is that we've shrunk down to a few seats, so we might go for it. But the same issues will come about if we grow again.

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True, but how much money do you save by having a window-door tool that actually works the way it should until it disappears, they(NV) might actually suss-it-out in the next couple of years?!

I can tell you if the support (user questions, bug repairs, feature additions etc.) at NV was even a fraction of what it is at Ozcad, VWs would have left all the competition in the dust ages ago.

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Well I've just started tentatively using it on a project at work and I've already run into a showstopper I think.

The scheme utilises solid insulated colour panels, which are pepper potted around individual panes amongst all the windows. So we need to be able to control the attributes of individual panes. I don't think this possible with Windoor?

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I've just been talking to Julian over email with requests for things such as:

1. The ability to include the shim gap in the overall dimension (so we can use structural opening dimensions)

2. The ability to control the attributes, including colour and opacity, of individual panes.

3. And the addition of frameless panels

Despite these all being very common features of fenestration here in the UK he's reluctant to implement any of them, including the first one, because they'll add complexity. And I don't blame him. His primary market is Australasia and the plugin is not included in our distribution.

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Note that he doesn't say it isn't possible.

Though I can respect Julians arguments, I find it strange that NV doesn't make a deal with Ozcad so that WinDoor can be purchased together with VWs globally especially considering most of the work has been done and extras needed for international use could easily be implemented if Ozcad gets paid for the extra work, which can't be that much considering how much it already is capable of.

Why not just use the money presently used for developing the native tool for paying Ozcad for the extra work?

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