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Graphics for existing, demolished, new, etc.

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Little drafting question: who has the prettiest way of showing existing, demolished, new, etc. On plans I'm showing existing as black and new with normal hatches. I'll probably show demo as a general cross hatch. I haven't done renovation since I was on a drawing board and I'm sure it used to look better back then.

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I do similarly as the prior Posts.

For the demolition I create a new wall type and use Red as the color and dashed as line style for the wall lines. When sent to printer it comes out as approx. 60% gray. Center of wall is white.

Fore existing walls to remain, I use several types. One wall type has a Cross hatch center when I need a fire resistive wall that exists. The wall outside lines are .35 Gray. Otherwise the wall thickness varies 5" stud walls w/ gyp both sides, Thicker walls for say masonry or concrete. All (E) walls that remain are Gray outside lines .35 line thickness.

New walls have .35 Black and varying hatches to show that they are new, are exterior or interior with material indications where appropriate.

Final item is (E) walls that are modified in some way. Typically shown with a cross hatch.

Be sure to use a wall types schedule on the various plans so it is clear to the contractor/constructor.

One more point. I use design layers to separate the New, Existing and Demolished walls. That way I never have two wall types occupying the same space at the same time. Also easier drawing composition management, along with the classes on or off.

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Thanks guys.

If you control these with classes, then you can use class overrides in viewports.

This doesn't work when using wall component hatches/fills.......unfortunately.

I can override my wall components. You need to use class attributes for your wall components of course.

What would be handy though is a option in the Wall Component Attributes dialogue, under Fill, Texture, Left Pen and Right pen to "Use Wall Attributes". This would allow you to have the same class-controlled component in a new wall as an existing wall while being able to control their attributes separately in different walls styles.

What do you think? Worthy of putting on the wish list?

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I find that new wall types are sufficiently distinct from existing walls anyway on most projects. Demolished would be a dashed outline of the wall only.

Interesting how people tackle phasing or 4D though. We usually layer for existing, demolished and proposed. No idea how we'd go about it in a BIM workflow within stories though...?

Does IFC have a 4th dimension?

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We usually layer for existing, demolished and proposed. No idea how we'd go about it in a BIM workflow within stories though...?

Well I do it through classes (as explain by others earlier) in BIM and that's where VP overrides really become usefull.....in combination with the very usable WinDoor existing/demolition settings I might add! I'm working in a project now where only the outer existing components will be replaced and then things start to become a little complicated......non the less it works for me :grin:,

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I use a normal wall in the proposed wall class for windows that get blocked. (Window goes to a demo class, fill wall is in proposed wall class) For new windows in existing walls, I need to use a wall in a special class that has the same graphical attributes as the existing walls so that existing plans will show correctly. Otherwise, they show the cut out for the proposed window in the existing plans, but no window.

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