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Hello again,

I have text on the 3D layer. The text shows up fine in hidden line rendering on the design layer but does not show up in the section viewport on the sheet layer with the same render settings. I have tried several render styles and all classes are turned on.

Not sure what to do???



VW 12 with Renderworks all up to date

OS 10.5.8

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Have you tried clicking on 'Display Planar Objects' in the OIP when the viewport is selected?

3D Text doesn't render well in a viewport I'm afraid, certainly not good enough for presentation standards.

The work around is to duplicate the viewport on top of the existing one and only turn on the text class and then set the rendering to wire-frame.

The viewport below, without the text should render fine and the one on top should show up the 3d text in wireframe. I hope this is helpful!

I was hoping that this issue would be addressed in 2012.

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Thank you for your generous responses,

Section viewports don't give us the option to display planar objects. My guess is that this is the obstacle.

The layered viewport trick is another good idea. The only hook is that I have text that would be partially hidden in the section cut. If I layer then I loose the effect.

I always find it amazing that software is released that doesn't function properly. It is like a bicycle with a bell and no pedals.

Thanks again for your help.



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