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Christian Fekete

Ceiling tiles

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I found a way to speedup the ceiling tiles drawing.

1) draw large areas (surrounded by hallways)

2)create walls with double lines as polygons

3) add other polygons going through the ceilings (columns etc..) with solid color, this makes viewing and later selecting easier.

4) select all areas and subtract #2 and #3 from #1

You have now the inside of every space

If you need install light tracks, offset this boundary by 2 ' or so for wall wash


I am happy with that but there may be the option of filling between walls also to save even more time... Just thought about it!

Tell me what works best for you

Best to all

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With Vectorworks Architect, you can draw walls using the Wall tool and then using the Ceiling Grid tool to automate the drawing of grids inside each room.

The Wall tool can use styles to control the fill of the wall, as well as enable easy insertion and moving of doors and windows.

The Ceiling Grid tool also allows you to set/move the origin point of the grid, as well as the angle/rotation.

With correct class control, you can use the same model for both Floor Plans and Reflected Ceiling Plans.

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Could someone please clarify how to move the origin of the ceiling grids using the Ceiling Grid tool? I don't see any option for that. I tried the Edit Ceiling Grid option in the Modify menu and that only seems to address the modifications to the perimeter.

So far the only way I have been able to establish a specific origin point is by drawing the perimeter which creates a ceiling grid defaulting to the center of the object. Then I move the entire grid to set it on a specific origin point. Then I adjust all of the perimeter edges to re-align them to the perimeter.

I was thinking there has got to be a better method than that!

Please clarify how this tool is meant to work.

Thank you,


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double click it to pick up its origin handle

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thank you.

I wish they mentioned that in the manual. It would also be nice if VWX had an option to revert back to the default origin position (for when doing an 'undo' of the last step is not an option).

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