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File Size / Resource Sizes

Kevin McAllister


I've been dissecting a file to find out why its so big. The file has no textures, bitmap graphics or viewport caches. Essentially its all 2d and 2d vector based objects yet it is 25mb in size. I started deleting things with a test version of the file to see what objects visibly affected file size. It turned out that the majority of the file size could be attributed to 3 symbols (about 16mb). It was a great learning experience and let for me to wish the following -

- all resources displayed in the Resource Browser should have a size associated with them.

- when high size geometry is created using various functions Vectorworks should give you a warning.

Vectorworks file sizes seem huge at times and mine are only small design projects. I can't imagine how big the file for a 10 story building might be.


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The end result of my explorations were pretty successful. The original file size was about 37.2 mb. By rebuilding the 3 symbols and purging a few unused ones I brought the file size down to 13.4 mb. That's a huge savings in a file that only has vector based geometry.

The leading culprits were actually generic solids. Some of the geometry had been brought in from a Parasolid file and imported in that form. The geometry was pretty simple and easily rebuilt as extrudes, shrinking the file size.


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From my experience resources are the biggest culprit in file size. For example, having a lot of textures bloats the size.

It would be great to be able to reference all resources.

Another example is I use the PanzerCAD program. It uses an imported image--this can be referenced in order to reduce the file size. But it also creates a Render Background from the same image. This can't be referenced, so it negates the efficiencies of the first move.

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