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Building Symbol Library with Symbols with Text Linked to Record Help


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I have a symbol library of symbols that represent cable items in our lighting inventory. I have a sort of "default" symbol, that I use as a nested symbol in others to get consistent geometry. What we like to see is different colors in our symbols. I have a color border that I change from symbol to symbol that is something our guys like to see on drawings.

However I made this library of 60 ish symbols with text linked to records and certain records already filled in based on the symbol. I now notice that I do not fully like the layout of the text and the format of the text.

Two part question. Is there anyway of having the text that I linked in the symbol that is nested in the symbol with the color. Meaning once I change that text layout it will follow thru with all the symbols that have the color notation and still be able to go to the data tab in the OIP and enter the data needed. Secondly how can I can I reformat all the text with records assigned to them globally? Any ideas? I used to have this one font assigned to them that I don't like any more. Now I want to change them all and I did not use a text style as that was not a feature when I built most of these. I tried applying a new text style and it half worked it took the correct font but not the right size and it started acting a bit goofy.


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I don't understand what you are trying to do. Can you explain it more clearly?

Nested Symbols with Text Linked to a Record.

If you change the attributes of the outside symbol you want the attributes of the text linked to the nested symbol to change also?

The only possible way would be to use Class Colors and even that will probably not work unless you want every instance of the nested symbol to change.

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So say using spotlight as a example. There are a bunch of lights in the spotlight library in the ETC file for source 4 lekos. So many of the lekos have the same graphic body. What they have for a lot of it is a symbol called "body" that is used in various source 4 symbols. The only thing that changes is the symbol for each individual light that has the body symbol nested and the text to differentiate each symbol on top.

Does that part make sense?

So in my scenario I was hoping to do the same thing, but for lack of a better way of explaining it, have text that is linked to a record in the symbol that is nested in the other symbol. I know this probably won't work, but I am hoping someone has a good idea. The equivalent is having the part that in the source 4 "body" have text in it that is linked. But I know that this will not probably work.

Reason being is the guys I work with want to see a different layout and I am looking for a way to get all the text that is linked to attributes across all my symbols to move and reformat together.


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I think that essentially you wish to nest a symbol within a symbol and have the nested symbol contain the linked record fields. I don't think this will work. I quickly tried it and had no success being able to edit the fields associated with the nested symbol.


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